Market Traders

Retro Rendezvous Market Street

Retro Rendezvous is a celebration of all things vintage. At its heart there’s the vintage market. We are very keen to keep the market open to small, local providers, so we’re keeping the cost down as much as possible – we think that we offer great value!

We are limited on the amount of stall space we can offer. We will only offer space to vintage / craft / style providers but we will still sell out, and we will have to decline some applications. Please be aware of this if you apply.

If applying for this event, you are agreeing to comply with all legal and regulatory requirements that apply to your provision. We will need to see copies of your insurance, food hygiene and environmental health certificates, and TEN as applicable.

We’re keen to see the Retro Rendezvous Market become more and more successful, and we want to make sure that it develops in the right way and that the style of the event is protected. So, the kinds of stalls we’re looking for are:

Retro Rendezvous Ulverston