Stallholder Terms & Conditions


Retro Rendezvous is known as the “friendly festival”. The organisers will always try to be flexible and responsive to the needs of individual traders. The Stallholder Terms and Conditions on this page are important for the purposes of clarity, fairness, and avoidance of confusion, but please do contact the organisers if you have any questions, concerns, or special requirements that may not have been covered.

The retail quality, uniqueness and mix of products on offer at the Retro Rendezvous Festival plays an important part in the overall appeal of the event. The number of stallholders applying to trade generally exceeds the amount of space available.

The following criteria will be considered by the organisers when assessing stallholder applications.

  • Locality: Stallholders from the South Lakes and Furness areas are generally given priority over those coming from further afield.
  • Suitability: Ulverston has a variety of retailers in the town centre. Stallholders at the festival should be able to offer something ‘different and unique’ to complement what is already on offer from established shops.

Standard pitch sizes are 3m x 3m, and may be purchased as 6m x 3m pitches at discounted rates.

Festival trader pitches are in New Market Street, unless an alternative location is agreed with successful applicants individually in writing.

Pitches in New Market Street are for Saturday and Sunday trading. The fee covers both days.

Traders who normally attend the Ulverston Saturday Market should apply directly to W&F Council for Saturday pitches on Market Street. Note that W&F Council pitches and fees exclude Sunday.

Application forms

Completed application forms must be returned to the event organisers by the stated deadline; together with all the requested paperwork.

If any of the paperwork is missing, your application may not be considered.

The submission of an application form does not constitute the offer of a place.

Please note that spaces cannot be obtained from a third party under any circumstances.


There is no guarantee that stallholders who have attended in previous years will be offered a place, but stallholders who attended in 2023 will be prioritised.

The organisers will review all of the correctly submitted applications, and will use their judgement to identify the stalls which best fit with the style and ethos of the event.

The outcome of the selection process is final and binding.

Offers and declined applications

Successful applicants will be contacted by email with an offer of a place and a Sumup invoice. If the invoice is not paid by the specified date, the offer will be automatically cancelled and the place may be offered to a different applicant.

Payment should be made online via the Sumup payment link included with the invoice, or by BACS. Cash or cheques will not be accepted.

Unsuccessful applicants will be retained on a waiting list. The organisers will provide written feedback by email to unsuccessful applicants.

If, following acceptance and payment, you are unable to take up your place, a refund of 50% of your fee will be provided, on condition that you provide the organisers with written notice of cancellation more than four weeks (28 days) before the start of the event.

Health, safety and licensing

Stallholders must comply with all relevant legislation in respect of Trading Standards, Consumer Protection, Food Safety, Health and Safety, and requirements of Council Health, Safety and Environmental Health teams.

Stalls will be inspected during the event and those deemed to not comply with good practice and general safety expectations will be asked to make improvements and/or will not be permitted to trade.

If you intend to sell alcohol, then it is your responsibility to apply for a premises licence. Failure to obtain your individual premises license will mean you will not be permitted to trade.

The organisers cannot provide power. If your stall requires power, then you must provide it yourself. You must have the necessary gas safety and/or PAT testing certificates as applicable.

All stallholders are required to have carried out a careful assessment of the potential risks associated with their particular activity and may be required to submit a written copy of their risk assessment. Significant risks must be notified to the organisers with your application form as this may affect the selection process or the allocation of a specific location.


All stallholders must hold Public Liability Insurance, with a minimum cover of £2 million to cover the period of the event. Stallholders must supply evidence of current valid insurance with their application. If stallholders do not have insurance covering the duration of the event, they will not be permitted to trade.

Stallholder conduct

Stallholders shall co-operate and comply with all reasonable requests, rules and regulations that may be advised by the organisers, emergency services, and any other applicable legal or regulatory organisations. Rude or aggressive behaviour will not be tolerated by the organisers.


The event organisers reserve the right to delay, cancel, shorten or terminate the Retro Rendezvous Festival without notice in the event of adverse weather conditions, emergency situations or for any other reason beyond reasonable control. Stallholders will be informed in writing by email of any such decision or verbally if on site in the event of an incident.

The event organisers reserve the right to immediately terminate the right of any stallholder failing to comply with any of the terms and conditions, or any reasonable directions given by us or any other applicable legal or regulatory organisation.

No refunds or compensation of any sort will be paid to stallholders who fail to attend the Retro Rendezvous Festival or where we have exercised the right to delay, cancel, shorten or terminate the festival or where a stallholder has been instructed to cease trading due to non-compliance with any of the Terms and Conditions.

Access & parking

Set up can begin at 06:30 and must be complete by 10:00 each day, by which time your vehicle must have been taken off site.

On arrival, you should enter New Market Street from the County Square (Coronation Hall) end, following the normal one-way system. When your stall has been set up, unless your vehicle forms an integral part of your stall, you should remove your vehicle via the Market Street end of New Market Street and park it elsewhere. The event organisers do not provide guaranteed parking spaces or free parking for stallholders.

The event site will be closed to general traffic during setting up and for the duration of the event. Stallholders must remain mindful that pedestrians may be in the vicinity at all times.

A clear route along the whole length of New Market Street must be maintained for emergency vehicles.

Vehicles are only permitted back onto site to remove stalls and equipment at the end of the trading day once approval for traffic to enter the event site has been given by the organisers.

All shelving, extra tables, lighting, and anything else required to display merchandise is the stallholder’s responsibility. The organisers cannot provide gazebos, tables, chairs, weights, etc.

No temporary structures, display stands, signs or notice boards are permitted outside the footprint of your pitch.

Stallholder vehicles may be parked in New Market Street or Market Street overnight at the stallholder’s own risk. The organisers are unable to provide temporary storage for goods or equipment. There is no event stewarding or security in the streets overnight.


By returning the application form you confirm that you or your company agrees to the Stallholder Terms and Conditions defined on this page.

By agreeing to the Stallholder Terms and Conditions, you give permission for your personal and/or company contact details to be stored and processed by the organisers for the purpose of planning and delivering the Retro Rendezvous Festival. Your information will not be shared with any third party without your prior consent.

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