Alcohol Statement

It is against the law:

  • To sell alcohol to someone under 18.
  • To knowingly sell alcohol to someone who is drunk.
  • To knowingly buy/get, or try to buy/get, alcohol for a drunken person on a licensed premises.
  • For an adult to buy or attempt to buy alcohol on behalf of someone under 18.
  • For someone under 18 to buy alcohol, attempt to buy alcohol or to be sold alcohol.

The organisers reserve the right to:

  • Refuse the sale of alcohol to an adult if they’re accompanied by a child and think the alcohol is being bought for the child.

The Police have the power to:

  • Confiscate alcohol from someone, no matter what their age, if they believe it has been, or will be drunk by, someone under 18 in a public place.

The organisers may ask you to prove your age by showing one of the following:

  • A photo driving licence.
  • A passport.
  • A proof of age card, such as the PASS card from the national Proof of Age Standards Scheme.
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